General Information

What is the GeoAdmin API ?

The GeoAdmin API allows the integration in web pages of geospatial information provided by the Swiss Confederation and Cantons.

The GeoAdmin API provides also API REST Services

Who can use the GeoAdmin API ?

The GeoAdmin API terms of use are accessible here: Terms of Use

What is the license of the GeoAdmin JS API ?

The GeoAdmin JavaScript API has a BSD license.

How many calls am I allowed to make ?

20 requests per minute on a 24/7 average on any of the REST services are considered “fair use”. If you need more - pls contact us via info@geo.admin.ch. Please keep in mind our terms https://www.geo.admin.ch/terms-of-use

Are the GeoAdmin services running ?

The status of all GeoAdmin services and applications is available here: http://status.geo.admin.ch

What are the technical restrictions of the GeoAdmin API ?

The GeoAdmin API has been tested in the two last versions of the following browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari.

The GeoAdmin API does support mobile devices.

How to use the GeoAdmin API in a CMS ?

The link is here: Geoadmin API in CMS

Is there a forum or a mailing list ?

Yes, under http://groups.google.com/group/geoadmin-api Feel free to use it and ask all the questions you want.

Which layers are available ?

From 1.3.2021 all layers can be freely used.

The following list contains all the free accessible layers:

Which layers have a tooltip?

Not all the layers have a tooltip. The complete list of layer using the htmlPopup service is the following. Note: some vector layer (GeoJSON) have a client-only tooltip and are not using this service:

Which layers are searchable?

A layer is searchable when its features can be searched. Below, you can find the complete list of all searchable layers:

Which layers are queryable?

A queryable layer is a layer you may filter out features on some attributes:

How can I have access to the tiles ?

The tiles used in the GeoAdmin API are generated by TileCache and are stored according to a RESTful OGC Web Map Tile Service Implementation Standard schema.

The parameters for the tiles are the following:

  • Resolution (meters): 4000,3750,3500,3250,3000,2750,2500,2250,2000,1750,1500,1250,1000,750,650,500,250,100,50,20,10,5,2.5,2,1.5,1,0.5,0.25,0.1

  • Maximum extent bounding box: 420000,30000,900000,350000

  • Coordinate system: EPSG:21781

For practical information on how to use the tiles, see our description of the WMTS service.

Where is the source code ?

The source code of the GeoAdmin API project can be found here: https://github.com/geoadmin/ol3

I have difficulty to use map.geo.admin.ch, where can I get more help ?

The help pages of http://map.geo.admin.ch is accessible here: http://help.geo.admin.ch/

Can I use http://localhost to test my developments ?

Yes, localhost can be used to test the developments. In all cases, you have to follow the Terms of Use.

Where can I get information about OEREB/RDPPF Feature Service ?

These information can be found on the OEREB/RDPPF: Feature Service page.