The GeoAdmin JS API extends OpenLayers with Swiss specific configurations and layers.


The GeoAdmin JS API is now very mature and not updated anymore. It’s default version is based on Openlayers 3.6.0 (released on 7 Jun 2015), and the subsequent ones on Openlayers 3.18.2 (1 Sep 2016) and 4.4.2 (released on 6 Oct 2017). We urge you to use your favorite webmapping framework for new development, like OpenLayers , Leaflets , Google Maps, Yandex Map, Bing Map or anything implementing the OGC WMTS

The API is available in multiple versions:

Versions using LV95:

  • 4.4.2

Versions using LV03:

  • 4.3.2

  • 3.18.2

  • 3.6.0 (default)

The version number refers to the same version in OpenLayers.

You can access a specific version using the version parameter in the url of the loader:

More examples of use are available on the API Examples page.

Other useful links: