OEREB/RDPPF: Feature Service

This service can be used to discover features at a specific location. The returned format is Interlis (XML).


This service is only available for the following layers:

  • ch.astra.projektierungszonen-nationalstrassen.oereb (this layer has no data)
  • ch.bav.baulinien-eisenbahnanlagen.oereb (this layer has no data)
  • ch.bav.kataster-belasteter-standorte-oev.oereb
  • ch.bav.projektierungszonen-eisenbahnanlagen.oereb (this layer has no data)
  • ch.bazl.baulinien-flughafenanlagen.oereb (this layer has no data)
  • ch.bazl.kataster-belasteter-standorte-zivilflugplaetze.oereb
  • ch.bazl.projektierungszonen-flughafenanlagen.oereb
  • ch.bazl.sicherheitszonenplan.oereb

Input Parameters

No more than 50 features can be retrieved per request.

Parameters Description
geometry (required) The geometry to identify on. The geometry is specified by the geometry type. One can use both, the simple syntax (comma separated list) and the complex one (ESRI syntax for geometries).
geometryType (required) The type of geometry to identify on. Possible values are: esriGeometryPoint or esriGeometryPolyline or esriGeometryPolygon or esriGeometryEnvelope.
layers (required) The layer to perform the identify operation on. Only one layer can be requested at a time (notation: all:{layerName}).
mapExtent (required) The extent of the map (minx, miny, maxx, maxy).
imageDisplay (required) The screen image display parameters (width, height and dpi) of the map. The mapExtent and the imageDisplay parameters are used by the server to calculate the distance on the map to search based on the tolerance in screen pixels.
tolerance (required) The tolerance in pixels around the specified geometry. This parameter is used to create a buffer around the geometry. Therefore, a tolerance of 0 deactivates the buffer creation.
returnGeometry (optional) This parameter defines whether the geometry is returned or not. Default to “true”.
geometryFormat (optional) Values: interlis only for now!!
lang (optional) The language (when available). Possible values: de (default), fr, it, rm, en.
callback (optional) The name of the callback function.